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About Sifu Jason Ludwig

Hi, my name is Jason Ludwig and I’m the head instructor at WCK UK Purley, WCK UK South Norwood and surrounding areas.
I started training martial arts in 1992 under a system called 'Wing Tai Chun', which consisted of my Dad's experience in Wing Chun Kuen and western boxing, and his master's formidable expertise in Tai Chi Chuan and various other styles. I also trained privately under some other well known Wing Chun Instructors, and competition fighters of various martial backgrounds.

During my time as a Senior Non Commissioned Officer for Whitgift School Combined Cadet Force, my Dad and I started teaching Wing Tai Chun to cadets. This included annual demonstrations to pupils, teachers and high ranking officers in the British Army. To compliment my training I also competed in gymnastics.

After secondary school I took a short break to pursue music, and eventually restarted my training under the Wing Tsun system, and teaching it at a very basic level to kids & adults part time. This lead me to finding The WCK UK Organisation, where I have been training under since 2010 and teaching since 2014. Some of my earliest memories are of training Wing Chun, having been raised into it from the age of 4 it is not only my career, but also my greatest passion.

With the continually growing popularity of this great system, it became more important to train the most effective Wing Chun available in the south of England; to train the Wing Chun which makes the most sense to me. I have found this with the WCK UK Organisation. I also work in feature films as an actor and fight performer, and have worked on 47 Ronin, Jack Ryan, Pan, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and most notably in Kick Ass 2 as a stunt performer.

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WCKUK 6th PG Level

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